Here are some of the ideas I’ve contributed to the animated football show.

W/C 13th May

-On Monday, Manchester United celebrated Sir Alex’s 13th and final premier league trophy with a parade which started at Old Trafford and ended at Albert Square, well I suppose the majority of their fanbase is from London.
And following his retirement, Britain’s greatest ever manager has rightfully been on the front pages of newspapers. Isn’t it nice change to see a man in his 70’s making headline news without Operation Yewtree being involved.
-Chelsea won the Europa League final with a 2-1 win over Benfica on another magical night which proved that in Amsterdam, even Fernando Torres can score.

W/C 20th May

On Saturday, the Champions League final will take place at Wembley. The Queen is thought to be filled with national pride as the whole world is set to tune in.. to watch two sides from her homeland battle it out for club football’s biggest prize.

For Bayern manager Jupp Heyncks it could be the perfect send off as he looks to complete part two of the treble before handing the reigns over to ex-Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola. We just hope Pep can turn the club around.

It’s the end of the domestic season and this year more than any other sees a huge list of retiring greats such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes, and Michael Owen .. (to producer off camera) did he not retire in 2005?
However, Ryan Giggs has insisted that he has no thought of retirement which means the Welshman will be playing into his forties. You’re only as old as the woman you feel eh Ryan?

In related news, Wayne Rooney has applied for his free bus pass.


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